Funwithfeet Reviews: Is It Legit?

Reva Agarwal

funwithfeet reviews

Funwithfeet is a buying-selling platform but of a different kind and you need to know Funwithfeet Reviews before using it. The founder of the website is Rajdeep Dosanjh, here the sellers sell pictures of the feet and buyers buy them. Many individuals claim to have earned a good amount from the website. It simply provides the users a space to sell the content in the form of creative and attractive photos of their feet. 

Funwithfeet Reviews

When you look for reviews of the funwithfeet website you will find a mixture of positive and negative answers. Although there are numerous users of the website some users have reported the experience of some issues when selling their photos of their feet. 

On the other hand, you will find many reviews that will say that they have earned a good amount of money by selling photos and videos of feet. Some users also say that they had a very positive and fun experience

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Is Funwithfeet Legit?

Is Funwithfeet Legit

The website funwithfeet is legit but after you go through various reviews about funwithfeet you will feel that it is not worth it. There are sellers who have uploaded photos of their feet but did not get any buyers. Also, some users have reported to be engaged in fake buyers. Whenever a such platform you should be very careful and alert.

People have also said that there are many sellers on the platform but no buyers instead the buyers ask for the Instagram or other social platform profiles to interact. Some say that the buyers contacting them were actually bots and not real persons.

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Is Funwithfeet Worth?

Is Funwithfeet Worth

If you are comfortable selling pictures of your feet online and also some videos of the same you can try using such a website. The earnings will completely depend on the quality of the product and creative photos you give and what marketing strategies you use. Also always remember that before registering yourself on any such platform and uploading any videos or photos read the terms and conditions properly and understand them. This always lowers the risk of getting scammed.


It cannot be said that the website is a scam or not as not every person on the website has a bad review. For many users, the website worked perfectly fine and they have earned good money from it. Also yet there is no one who has reported that the website charged money from the sellers to sell the photo of their feet.


Do people make money on FunWithFeet?

Yes, many people have earned a good amount of money by selling foot pics and videos. That too for the same pics and videos to different buyers 

What is the best site to sell feet pics?

There are many sites that help you sell the feet pics online, here are some

  • Instafeet
  • Funwithfeet
  •  Feetify
  • Feetpics
  • Feetfinder

How much money can you make on feet pics?

It completely depends on the website you are selling and the feet photo and creativity. There are reports of individuals earning up to $500 per week via such websites.

Is selling feet pics worth it?

For some individuals, it has been worth selling feet pics and they have evolved hustle-free. There are many things that may matter here like the quality of your photo, the reach of your audience, and also the marketing.