What Is Bricked Up Meaning In Slang?

Shreya Das

Bricked Up Meaning

Bricked Up meaning is another thing that causes good confusion. There are so many slangs going around that I really do get curious to know their meaning. One of the terms is bricked up so Today let us find out what is bricked up meaning and why people use this slang.

What Is Bricked Up Meaning In Slang

What Is Bricked Up Meaning In Slang

The meaning of bricked is when a male gets an erection at a very unwanted and inappropriate time and place. When a boy or a man gets bricked up it is very difficult for them as it is visible to everyone. The term has become very popular on social media and even you can see and hear many hip-hop artists using this term in their music. 

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The use of the slang bricked up has become very common and can be seen often in boy’s talk. They also use it to tease each other and also to express what they feel. Here are some examples.

“Bro, did you notice that Mark was bricked up at the gym today”

“Dude, today was such an awkward morning. Mom entered the room and I was totally bricked up that I had to hide in the blanket.”

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It is very difficult to say when exactly the slang appeared but it is believed that the term was heard in hip-hop and rap music where the artist referred to him getting erection.

The phrase has also gained popularity as it has become a controversial term for the LGBQT and other ultra-liberal communities and groups. Some groups are calling the term sexiest and are trying to reclaim it. Socialistic groups say that term is offensive for women as well as transgenders and it is inappropriate to use in some way.

Terms Similar To Bricked Up

There are some more terms that mean the same as bricked up and have a few listed below.

“Pitching a tent”

“Got hard”


“Blood leaves the brain and runs downwards”


Even though there is a misunderstanding that bricked up means brickwork or construction work. But now you know the real meaning that is a man or a boy getting his erection at a wrong and unwanted time or place. The slang is been most commonly used on social media platforms and chats. Even do not be shocked to hear the term in some music of hip-hop or rap genre.


What Does Bricked Up Mean In Slang?

Bricked-up slang means a boy, or a man getting his erection but that too a very wrong and inappropriate time and place. 

What Makes A Guy Bricked Up?

There can be several reasons as a guy getting bricked up means he has got an erection that is visible. Commonly the slang bricked up is used when a guy gets an erection at an unusual and unwanted place and time.

What Does Bricked Mean In Chat?

Bricked in a chat refers to devices like a phone or a computer that are no longer working or are dead because of software issues.

What Does Brick Mean In Slang?

Brick slang means very cold weather. The locals in New York use the term to describe the coldest days of the year.