What Does Wacala Meaning: Slang, Memes, And TikTok Videos?

Andrew Phillips

Wacala Meaning

What is Wacala Meaning is it slang or something else? The Word Wacala is also slang and it has different meanings in different contexts and languages. Let us see what is the meaning of the slang that is seen on TikTok videos.

What Does Wacala Meaning In Slang?

Wacala slang means disgusting, dislike, and repugnance or repulsion for someone or for something. It can be used for expressions like Yuck, Eww, and nasty like these words are used in the English language.

This is a Spanish word that is used mostly in Central America and Mexico. There is nothing specific about when and where this slang started but maybe it came from around these communities only.

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What Is The Wacala Meme?

What Is The Wacala Meme

The Wacala meme in the form of photos, gifs, and videos is going around with the word Wakala on it where the expression of disgust and nasty is shown.

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What Is Wacala On TikTok?

Wacala on TikTok are the video pranks that are going on. The videos have a prank by a nail artist who says Wacala which shocks the customers as Wacala means disgusting whereas the Nail artist is actually saying “What Color” 

If you say what color in an Eccent and fast it would sound like Wacala.

What Does Wacala Mean In Different Languages?

What Does Wacala Mean In Different Languages

Wacala or Wakala has different meanings in different languages. Let us have a look at them.

Wacala Meaning In English?

Wacala in English means disgusting and outrageous. It’s like in the English language when you think something is disgusting or nasty you use the words Eww and Yuck you can even use Wacala.

Wacala Meaning In Spanish?

Wacala in Spanish means an expression of something that is disgusting. It is used to express the Yuck, Eww, or Foul. Wacala is translated in Spanish as “Llámame”

Wacala Meaning In Urdu?

Wacala is a word in the Islamic religion that is more of a term that is used in commercial practice and law. The word means to appoint or give authority to a person on behalf of the other person. 

Wacala Means Arabic?

In Arabic Wacala or Wakala means that a person is appointed to represent the other person. He has the authority of the other person legally. This is what is believed in the Islamic religion.


Even though the origins of the slang Wacala are unknown and difficult to trace. It became very commonly used in mostly Spanish-speaking areas around the world. Now it is seen in many memes and TikTok videos. But it means different in different languages.


What Does Wacala In Spanish Mean?

Wacala is a Spanish term that means disgust it is an expression very common in Latin Americans.

What Does Wakala In Spanish Mean?

WaKala is a Spanish term that means disgusting. Wakala is also spelled as Wacala but the meaning remains the same that is it is an expression just like Yuck, Ewww, and Foul.

What Does Wakala Mean In Tanzania?

Wakala in Tanzania means an agency or it can also be about an agent from the agency.

What Is An Example Of A Wakala?

An example of Wakala is “The food at that restaurant is very nasty! Wakala!”