What Is Heffa Meaning? Is It A Slang?

Shreya Das

Heffa Meaning

What is Heffa Meaning? There are so many words that you come across while scrolling or chatting one of which is Heffa. You must be thinking is it a slang or an English word? Let me clear your the confusion today.

What is Heffa Meaning?

Heffa means Bossy Lady or Boss lady who always bosses around. 

You can also define a Heffa as a female who is annoying you and irritates you, in other words, you cannot stand her. 

For example: Olivia always is ready to have a quarrel she is such an Heffa.

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Heffa Origin

Heffa Origin

Heffa is spelled as Jeffa and it is a Mexican Spanish word and is mostly used in Mexico. Heffa means Boss Lady or you can say a feminine version of the masculine equivalent.

J is pronounced as H and E is pronounced as AA here so it is pronounced as Heffa.

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What is Heffa Slang?

What is Heffa Slang

Heffa slang is very commonly used in social media to refer to someone who is doing something crazy and then bossing around. 

For example: This crazy Heffa on the highway is driving so bad.

What Is Heffa Meaning On TikTok?

On TikTok, Heffa became a trend and you will see many videos where the TikTokers use the word/slang Heffa in their videos. You can find many of them when you just search for Heffa on TikTok.


There are many words that have their origins from very far and different countries. But as social media is now all around the world words from every corner are spread easily. Such a word if Heffa which has become very popular nowadays. Also, this means that before using any word you must know what is its meaning and when you should use it.


What Does Heffa Mean?

Heffa means Boss lady. Heffa is a Spanish Mexican word spelled as Jeffa and is nowadays used as slang on social media platforms.

What Is The Meaning Of HEFA?

HEFA stands for Hydrotreated Esters and Fatty Acids that refine oils or fats into SAF by the process of hydrogenation.

Is It Heffer Or Heffa?

Heffer is mostly referred to as a woman who is Obese and has more the 30 BMI. It can also be referred to a young lady who is leading a life that will lead her to become a heffer.

Is it Jefe or Jefa?

Jefe or Jefa means a boss lady. It is a Spanish word pronounced as Heffa and used as slang on social media.