What Is Pound Key?

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What Is Pound Key?

In the realm of telecommunications and technology, the pound key, symbolized by “#,” serves as a versatile and multifunctional character across various devices and communication platforms. Known by different names globally, such as the pound sign, hash, or octothorpe, this symbol has evolved to play a pivotal role in encoding information, navigating systems, and facilitating communication. Let’s explore the diverse uses and significance of the pound key in our digital landscape.

The Evolution Of The Pound Key

  • Telecommunications Origins: Initially, the pound key found its origins in the realm of telecommunications, serving as a signaling and routing device within telephone systems.
  • Telephonic Usage: In the context of traditional telephones, the pound key was used to indicate the end of an input or to access automated phone systems, known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, by entering codes or options followed by the pound key.

Versatile Applications In Technology

  • Digital Encoding: In computing and programming languages, the pound key is utilized in coding and markup languages like HTML and CSS to signify IDs, classes, and comments.
  • Social Media and Hashtags: The advent of social media platforms popularized the pound key as a “hashtag,” used to categorize and index content, fostering engagement and trends across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Numeric Input and Symbols: On computer keyboards and digital interfaces, the pound key serves as a symbol for mathematical operations, indicating “number” or “pounds” when inputting numerical data.

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Applications In Telephony And Communication

  • Accessing Features: In telephony, the pound key remains instrumental for accessing voicemail, call forwarding, and other phone features by inputting specific codes followed by the pound key.
  • Authentication and Security: The pound key is utilized in entering PINs or security codes in IVR systems for authentication or verification purposes.

Cultural Variations And Terminology

The nomenclature for the “#” symbol varies globally. In the UK, it is commonly referred to as the “hash” or “hash key.” In certain regions, it’s known as the “number sign” or simply “the pound sign.”


The pound key, with its diverse applications in technology, communication, and digital platforms, stands as a symbol of versatility and connectivity in our modern world. From its telephonic roots to its ubiquitous presence in computing, social media, and digital interfaces, the pound key continues to transcend its origins, serving as a conduit for encoding information, categorizing content, and enabling seamless interactions across various technological landscapes. Its evolution and pervasive use underscore its integral role in shaping communication and technology in today’s interconnected society.


What Is Meant By The Pound Key?

US. : the button on a telephone or keyboard labeled “#”

What Is The Pound Key In Keyboard?

The pound key, sometimes known as the hashtag symbol, is this sign: #. To type the pound key on a computer keyboard, you hold down the shift button while pressing the number 3.

What Is The Key Pound?

Before it was used to begin a hashtag on social media, we’ve known it as the “number sign” or the “pound key”. While you can use this to begin a hashtag on Twitter and Facebook (and other social media and websites) you use it on your Cool PBX to speed up the process of making a telephone call.

What Is Pound Key On Telephone?

“Pound sign” or “pound” are the most common names used in the United States, where the “#” key on a phone is commonly referred to as the pound key or simply pound. Dialing instructions to an extension such as #77, for example, can be read as “pound seven seven”.

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