What is Photo Cropping? Best Tools to Use Online to Crop Photos

Cropping is one of the most powerful photo editing techniques. If used correctly, it can transform an image and dramatically affect the composition of your pictures.

Cropping is a great way to emphasize the most crucial part if you’ve got a lot of unused space in your photos. You can also use it to remove a distracting background or re-orient the image. For example, a vertically-framed image emphasizing a thrilling atmosphere can be re-oriented to a horizontally-framed image that conveys stability and tranquility.

It’s worth remembering that cropping shouldn’t be your first course of action. Instead, a good rule of thumb is to shoot deliberately and think about how an image will be used. This will help you avoid the problems that cropping can cause.

Best Tools to Use Online to Crop Photos

Online photo croppers are valuable tools that enable you to quickly, easily, and freely transform an image into the shape you need for print or social media purposes. Some have limited functionality; therefore, finding one that meets your requirements is best.

Adobe Express

Adobe is widely known for its professional photo editing and graphic design software. Still, they also make easier-to-use Web-based tools like Adobe Express that could become powerful alternatives for those without the time or expertise to master more complex software programs. Adobe Express features easy to use with plenty of templates and storage and editing tools included for free; even a Premium plan gives access to additional templates, Adobe Stock images, and cloud storage!

Adobe Express is an online portfolio creation and management solution with drag-and-drop tools that enable easy layout customization and uploading of your work. Furthermore, this platform supports various file formats, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG for uploading.

Adobe Express provides various image editing and creation tools, from basic cropping to advanced image manipulation, such as background removal. Its image resizing features enable you to easily create thumbnails and optimize images for websites, social media pages, and other uses; its image compression tool reduces size without compromising quality; you can save your pictures in PNG, JPG, GIF, or WEBP formats.

Adobe Express provides various image and video editing tools, including templates, filters, overlays, and video editing features such as trimmable templates. With over 160 million stock photos available to choose from and video-editing features such as trimming, reverse merging videos as well as adding text effects or effects of any kind – Adobe Express makes image and video editing effortless with free plans available as well as affordable subscription plans to upgrade for premium features.

To crop an image using the Adobe Express Photo Cropper tool, drag a rectangle over the photo to select the area you wish to keep. You can also set an exact ratio, such as 1:1 or 4:5.

This tool is easy to use and produces outstanding results, offering features like keyword tagging and virtual photo albums.

Adobe Express can assist with both simple photo cropping and full-fledged image design projects, with its vast library of templates tailored for social media posts and videos, font selection, and intelligent animations helping make your content pop out from the rest. In addition, a built-in photo editor lets you adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation and create and customize shapes/frames with its color picker, offering custom matches according to your brand palette.

Adobe Express can be used on desktop and mobile devices and is even available as a Chrome extension, so you can easily use Adobe Express Photo Cropper to edit and crop images without launching the Adobe Express app itself – making it an invaluable resource for busy photographers and designers.

Some people think Adobe Express may have drawbacks, but it is an excellent way to create and share unique visuals. Accessible and intuitive, Adobe Express has features that will enable you to produce stunning imagery.

Students and educators can also utilize Adobe Express for free, making this feature an excellent way to incorporate digital media into classrooms while encouraging creativity among their pupils. Using this program, students can utilize Adobe Express Photo Cropper to create engaging presentations, posters, or projects.


Photo editor SnapPic offers more than freeform image cropping; it also allows you to select preset aspect ratios and customize file sizes with resolution adjustments for an optimal image experience. Suitable for beginners looking for an easy yet reliable cropping solution, SnapPic makes for an ideal photo editing choice.

It features an impressive variety of editing capabilities, from resizing and cropping to rotating, flipping, and straightening photos, as well as content-aware fill and layer editing options. In addition to these essential functions, more advanced options such as content-aware fill and layer editing may also be provided. Furthermore, filter effects may also be applied before cropping them while their brightness and contrast levels can be adjusted quickly.

Photo editing software available for Windows and Mac computers is highly effective and versatile, offering more than cropping capabilities. Not only can you animate photos, remove objects, and change backgrounds. Plus, additional editing tools such as photo blender, clone tool, face beautifier, and special effects enhance images further.

This photo cropping tool stands out as free and without limits on how many photos can be uploaded or downloaded. Plus, its straightforward interface offers plenty of templates and overlays.

No matter your experience or user skill level, this photo editor offers everything needed for stunning image creation. As one of the fastest editors on this list, it allows for freeform or fixed-size image cropping, preset aspect ratios and resolutions, and auto-resizing your photos according to different platforms’ dimensions.


An efficient photo cropper is an invaluable asset for digital photographers. Photographers can save time and energy by selecting an app to crop photos for free while producing accurate results.

Picsart’s free and straightforward photo cropping tool makes photo editing quick and effortless. Upload your image, select its dimensions, and drag the edges of the bounding box to change its shape or size – this app also preserves aspect ratio so your photo won’t become distorted when resized!

Picsart provides more advanced photo editors with world-class image enhancement features to take their photographs to the next level and make them more captivating for audiences. Quick tools include creating transparent backgrounds for images, trimming videos, and converting file formats – giving them power over the photos they take and making them engaging for viewers.

PicsArt’s photo editor makes adding text to visuals simple. Choose from an impressive range of fonts, then customize font size, style, and color accordingly – or even let Picsart’s AI writer write for you – saving time and effort by eliminating the tedious task of manually writing ads, social media posts, or marketing slogans yourself!

PicsArt’s photo resizer makes it simple and efficient to meet any size or resolution requirements on any platform, saving time while making your workflow more effective. Plus, multiple photo resizing at once saves even more time!

Picsart’s photo editor boasts an expansive library of stickers to spice up your content and engage your audience. At the same time, its AI tools enable you to remove unwanted objects, blur backgrounds, boost pixel counts, and give low-resolution images the crisp and clear quality you’ve always been searching for.


Red Ketchup is a free photo cropping tool for use within browsers that also offers other editing tools like image resizer, compression, and format conversion. Additionally, Red Ketchup supports numerous image file formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, ICO, BMP, TIFF, and HEIC for your convenience.

This web-based image editor offers an impressive library of pre-designed templates for flyers, logos, social media posts, business cards, and website designs that you can quickly customize with just a few clicks to meet your specific needs. There are various quick actions available to speed up editing processes faster. You can also download your work in PNG or PDF formats when finished!