What Is A Straight Run Chicken?

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In the world of poultry farming, choosing the right type of chickens for your flock is essential. Among the various options, you might come across the term “straight run chickens.” But what exactly are straight run chickens, and what sets them apart from other chicken options? In this blog, we will explore what straight run chickens are, their characteristics, and the factors to consider when deciding whether they are the right choice for your poultry endeavors.

What Is A Straight Run Chicken?

Straight run chickens are a group of newly hatched chicks that have not been sexed or sorted based on gender. In other words, they are a mixed batch of male (rooster) and female (hen) chicks. When you purchase straight run chickens, you are essentially getting a random assortment of both genders.

Characteristics Of Straight Run Chickens:

  1. Gender Mix: Straight run chickens include both male and female chicks in roughly equal proportions. The exact ratio may vary depending on the hatchery or supplier.
  2. Cost-Effective: Straight run chickens are often more affordable than purchasing sexed chicks or pullets (young hens) because they have not undergone the additional labor and expense of gender sorting.
  3. Genetic Diversity: Since straight run chickens represent a random mix of genders, they offer a wide range of genetic diversity. This can be beneficial for breeders looking to improve their flock’s genetics.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Straight Run Chickens:

  1. Roosters and Hens: One of the most significant considerations when opting for straight run chickens is that you will end up with both roosters and hens. Roosters can be noisy, aggressive, and are primarily known for crowing, which can disturb neighbors if you live in a residential area.
  2. Egg Production: If your primary goal is egg production, it’s important to note that not all hens will lay eggs consistently. Some may be more prolific layers than others, and you may need to cull non-laying hens or roosters.
  3. Breeding Goals: If you plan to breed chickens or establish a self-sustaining flock, straight run chickens can be a good choice. You’ll have both male and female birds for mating and genetic diversity.
  4. Noise Considerations: Roosters can be loud, especially during the early morning hours. Be sure to check local regulations and neighborhood covenants regarding keeping roosters.
  5. Space Requirements: Since straight run chickens include both genders, you will need ample space to accommodate a mixed flock. Roosters can be territorial and may require additional space compared to a flock of hens only.
  6. Disposal Options: You should have a plan in place for managing surplus roosters or non-laying hens. This may involve selling, rehoming, or processing them for meat.


Straight run chickens are an economical and genetically diverse choice for poultry enthusiasts and breeders. However, they come with the challenge of managing both male and female birds, each with their own set of considerations. Before deciding to raise straight run chickens, it’s essential to weigh your goals, space constraints, and local regulations to ensure a successful and harmonious experience with your mixed flock.

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What Breed Of Chicken Is A Straight Run?

A straight run chicken can be any breed of chicken because the term only refers to the labeling of the group your clutch of chicks is coming from…in reference to the sex of the chick.

What Is The Difference Between Straight Run And Pullets?

“Straight run” chicks are chicks that are not sexed before they’re sold. Rather, they are sold as a mix of male and female chicks. Ideally, 50 percent of all straight run chicks would be pullets; however, unless very large quantities are purchased in one lot, that ideal is not always met.

Do Straight Run Chickens Lay Eggs?

Adult hens lay eggs. This includes any hens you receive when you order straight run chickens.

Are Straight Run Chickens Meat Birds?

Meat-type chicks are usually purchased on a straight-run (males and females mixed) basis. Some producers prefer to raise only pullet chicks (females). Others buy unsexed chicks, which are typically cheaper.

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