What Is 14/20?

Shreya Das

What Is 14/20

If you’ve ever wondered about numbers like “what is 14/20” stamped on jewelry, here’s a simple explanation.

Understanding Gold Purity

Gold jewelry is often mixed with other metals to make it stronger. The purity of gold in jewelry is measured in karats (K). Pure gold is very soft, so it’s mixed with other metals for durability.

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Explaining What Is 14/20?

Explaining What Is 14/20

When you see “what is 14/20” on jewelry, it means the piece is made of gold which is 14 parts out of 20 parts total. That’s about 58% pure gold. The remaining 42% is usually other metals like copper or silver. This mixture is called gold-filled or rolled gold.

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Why Choose 14/20 Gold?

  • Strength: It’s stronger and more durable than pure gold.
  • Affordability: It costs less than higher-karat gold.
  • Appearance: It looks like gold with a shiny finish.

How Does It Differ from Other Gold?

How Does It Differ from Other Gold

  • 14k Gold: This means 14 karat gold, which is 58% pure gold throughout the entire piece.
  • Gold Plated: This is a thin layer of gold over another metal, not a mix like “what is 14/20” gold.


Understanding what “what is 14/20” means helps you choose jewelry that’s strong, affordable, and looks great. Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, knowing the definition of “what is 14/20” ensures you get quality jewelry that suits your style and budget.


What Does “What Is 14/20” Mean In Jewelry?

“What is 14/20” refers to the gold content in jewelry, indicating it is 14 parts gold out of 20, or 58.33% pure gold.

Is “What Is 14/20” The Same As 14k Gold?

No, “What is 14/20” denotes gold-filled jewelry where 14 parts are gold out of 20, whereas 14k gold means the entire piece is 14 parts pure gold.

How Does “What Is 14/20” Compare To Gold Plated Jewelry?

“What is 14/20” is more durable than gold plated jewelry because it has a thicker layer of gold bonded to a base metal, offering longevity and a genuine gold appearance.

Can “What Is 14/20” Jewelry Be Worn By Those With Metal Allergies?

Yes, “What is 14/20” jewelry, being a mix of gold and other metals, is generally safe for wearers with metal sensitivities, but it’s always wise to check the specific metal composition.

Where Can I Buy “What Is 14/20” Jewelry?

“What is 14/20” jewelry can be found at jewelry stores, online retailers specializing in fine jewelry, and artisanal craft markets. Ensure to verify the authenticity and quality markings when purchasing.