How Long Does Lizards Live? Everything You Need To Know About Their Life Span

Shreya Das

How Long Does Lizards Live

how long does lizards live? However, lizards are some of the most varied and interesting animals found practically everywhere on Earth. Some are large, some small; they have unique features and live only as long as one year. Have you ever asked yourself “How long does lizards live”? you’re in the right place. This guide looks at the life expectancies of various lizard species, what they need to stay healthy, and how you can help them lead happy lives in captivity.

Lifespan Variability Explained: How Long Does Lizards Live

Lizards have a lifespan range of 1 year to up to over the age of their keeper, depending on species, environment, and husbandry practices. How Long Does Lizards Live? Answers differ substantially between types. We will explore some common types of lizards and their average life spans.

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Geckos: Small Yet Long-Lived

Geckos are famous for their great skills to quickly move on from wall to wall. How Long Does Lizards Live In captivity, Geckos such as the Leopard Gecko can live anywhere from 10 – 20 years depending on their species and care.

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Friendly Bearded Lizards

Friendly Bearded Lizards

Bearded Dragons are known for their personable behavior and unique look. How long does lizards live? Bearded Dragons usually have a long life span of 10 to 15 years, so it is possible that keeping this animal could lead you on an adventure for the next decade or more.

Chameleons, The Shape Shifters

Chameleons are known for changing color and their intriguing way of gaining food. Well, for how many years do lizards survive? In general, Chameleons live for 5 to 7 years in captivity and some species can reach even up to the age of 10 when their environmental needs are met.

Majestic Iguanas With Special Needs

Iguanas are also one of the largest lizards kept as pets with the need for spacious enclosures and a strict husbandry. How long does lizards live? Given adequate care, this lizard can live for 15 to over years. This is a significant commitment and should not be undertaken lightly by newer reptile owners!

Skinks: Diverse And Adaptable

Skinks run the gamut from such colorful beauties as the tiny Blue-Tongued Skink of Australia to some of its largest and hardiest representatives in Tegus. So, You might ask: how long does lizards live? Living In Captivity: Depending on the species, Skinks live for 10 to 15 years in captivity with some skink species living over 20 years provided they are cared for exceptionally.

Factors Influencing Lifespan

Factors Influencing Lifespan

The life of lizards depends on many factors:-

  • Habitat and Environment: As with all reptiles, providing an appropriate habitat that sufficiently replicates their natural setting including correct temperature gradients, humidity levels, and hiding areas will ensure your snake’s happiness and lifespan.
  • Diet: They need a proper diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and calcium to promote their health as well as prolong them.
  • For their health: Lizards need regular veterinary check-ups so that they can catch any problems early before a little problem turns into a big one, parasite prevention and treatment which is important because parasites are tricky to get rid of once in your reptile’s system.


They are unique companions and ongoing fascinating creatures that brought the laughs home. By answering “How long does lizards live?” By finding them suitable care and environment you can let these beautiful creatures grow for years. No matter if you are planning on getting a gecko chameleon, or maybe even an iguana – every species needs their specific care.

Learn about different lizards, and how long they live, and begin enjoying life as a gecko parent. Given the commitment and awareness, these incredible beings can keep you company for years.


What Is The Lifespan Of A Lizard Kept In Captivity?

The lifespan of lizards varies depending on the species. Smaller species like geckos will have around 10 -20 years in captivity while larger ones such as iguanas can live to be between 15-20 or more with the right care.

So, What Determines A Lizard’s Life Span?

The lifespan of a lizard can vary due to factors such as species, diet, quality of habitat, and pet care. Creating a suitable space and proper nutrients could mean the world to them in their life span.

Are There Differences In The Longevity Of Different Types Of Lizards?

The typical lifespan also varies per species of lizards. So for instance, a bearded dragon might live 10-15 years whereas chameleons only normally survive around 5-7 years in captivity!

What Can I Do To Prolong The Life Of My Pet Lizard?

To help your lizard live the longest life possible, provide an enclosure that meets their environment-specific requirements and includes a balanced diet with appropriate nutrition content as well as veterinary care regularly.

What Are Signs Of A Shortened Lifespan In My Lizard?

Health problems or poor care Shorten Lizards Life Span Keep your eyes peeled for symptoms like lethargy, appetite change, or excess shedding and always contact a reptile vet with any worries.